{ Certifications and authorizations }

ALSO engaged in the collection and treatment of waste oil and waste frying oil refining plant for over 60 years, with all the experience and modern technology necessary to deliver a product of absolute excellence. ALSO sells products that are obtained at the end of these treatments in the chemical and biofuels.

ALSO got, since 2006, the ISO 9001 to ensure a "quality management system" in 2004 and the ISO 14001 environmental certification for the implementation and improvement of specific aspects of their "environmental management", in 2013 the 2BSVS and in 2014 the ISCC.EU, certifications for sustainability of the products obtained by the use energetii and biofuels.

ISO 9001-2008
ISO 9001-2008 ISO 9001-2008
ISO 14001-2004
ISO 14001-2004 ISO 14001-2004
2BSvs 2BSvs